How to achieve explosive small business growth through Twitter

What can you really do when your website is not getting enough traffic and search engines are not interested in showing you to the internet users? Are you frustrated about this? Well, do not be stressed instead take it as a natural thing. It happens to many online business owners. All it takes is proper SEO planning to break the boundaries put up by search engine algorithms. If you can spend some money on SEO and online marketing, then there is no one to stop you from becoming the successful online business owner that you always wanted to be.

There has been a lot of talk about keyword researching, backlinking, posting quality content, etc. But the often-overlooked SEO technique is social media marketing through Twitter.

business growth

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Follow and get followed

The key to being popular on Twitter is to influence the followers especially those who have bought your products and could possibly buy more based on the tweet history, geographic location, followers, and interests search for followers. With respect to twitter followers, quality is more important than quantity. Do not add free followers into the account. It is of no use and Twitter these days is blocking such accounts.

Tweet regularly to keep the interest alive

Tweeting is essential to interact with the followers and keep them interested in your business. Retweeting is important but do not try it very often. One can retweet interesting tweets about offers and new products more than once to attract customers.

business growth

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Tweet using relevant keywords

If you tweet without relevant keywords, then the work you do might go unnoticed. Make sure you use all the characters in the box to achieve the full potential through the tweet. Failing to include more keywords can make it challenging to get new followers and also to retain the existing ones.

Work to create a strong profile

You have a total 160 characters which allow you to describe the business profile. Provide information about the mission of your company and include interesting information. This will give a good first impression of your business and helps to get new followers. Adding a link to your business website boosts the twitter profile. There is a lot more to twitter marketing and one might need the help of a professional seo agency london to achieve the best digital marketing results. For more details, visit a site like

Tweet about updates

If there is an update on the official website tweet it on Twitter and tell your followers. Post the links to the new content posted on the website. This will drive new traffic to the website and increase its exposure in the search engine rankings. If the content is really good, you can get retweets which are really a good sign for your business. If a follower asks any queries feel free to answer them.